Studio remodel… part 3

We have been oh so busy! I’ve been telling my husband at the end of each day that I feel like I’ve been hit with sticks. He tells me that that can’t be true since I’ve never actually been hit with sticks and being hit with sticks is way worse. However, I’ve been pretty sore the last few nights.

But the hard work is paying off. Yesterday I got the primer on the outside wall. Steve got the inside wall mostly finished. I was able to get the first coat of paint inside late yesterday afternoon. 
Painting in the studio is complicated by the fact that the first time I painted my studio I made a mistake and got oil based paint. You can’t just paint over an alkyd paint with latex. Since I didn’t want (or need) to paint the whole room I had to get more alkyd paint this time. Boy oh boy, does alkyd paint put off fumes. We have my studio sealed off with plastic so it’s mostly not smelling up the house but it’s no fun. I spend most of my time at home in my studio and not being in there makes me a little crazy.
This morning I got the 2nd coat of paint on the inside wall and then moved to the outside wall. This is not that big of an area so I got 2 coats of paint on the wall and 2 coats of trim paint. I’ve got the paint (chartreuse!) for the outside of the door but am going to wait a week or so to paint it. It’s hot and humid here so I’ll need to tape plastic over the outside door opening and I need to wait for the paint to cure so that the tape doesn’t pull the paint off.
Steve finished the inside trim, finished the electrical stuff, and saved a juvenile wren that was sort of lost in our garage. He’s a field biologist, has nets, and knows how to use them! 
We went to church this evening so tomorrow I’ll be back at work early (after I get the paper read) getting my studio back in shape! Oh happy day! Maybe the fumes won’t be so bad and the plastic can come down. I do hope so.

And – I keep forgetting to post an answer to a question on the granola but I’m remembering now and since this where I’m typing, here goes… I use whole flax seed in the granola itself. I grind a big spoonful of flaxseed each morning and sprinkle it on my bowl of granola. I will add this info to that post as soon as I have time.

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