Smaller Lorna’s Vine continued…

There were some questions in the comments in yesterday’s post about this quilt and I want to answer them here. Note that while the photos in this post are the same size, the quilts in the photos are different sizes.

The original Lorna’s Vine quilt is shown above. This quilt is 71″ x 71″. There are 36 vine blocks in it. 
I sewed together the blocks for the smaller quilt and put it on my design wall with some 8″ red border strips around it. Note that there are only 16 vine blocks. The pieced center is approximately 40″ x 40″. 

I had thought that I might piece the borders – maybe using 1″ squares in 4- or 9-patches. But the more I looked at this quilt on the wall, the more I thought that piecing would detract from the applique. Then I wondered about adding a narrow inner border…

I tried a couple of blue strips and decided that, even if they are pretty, they call too much attention to themselves.

I tried some gold strips… and I liked them better. I looked at the photos of all 3 versions of this quilt on my computer and decided to go with the gold inner borders. 

Here is the finished top. The inner border is 1/2″, the borders will finish at 7 1/2″. This quilt is bigger than I imagined it would be – approximately 56″ x 56″. But this is an excellent size for the wall or to use as a throw. Now I just have to get it quilted!

I’ve put together a PDF with the yardage and cutting instructions for this smaller quilt. You still need the book, but the PDF is free. You can click to get it on the Piece O’ Cake home page or on the Amish-Inspired Quilts page. Happy stitching!

6 thoughts on “Smaller Lorna’s Vine continued…

  1. Another great choice.. Oh Wise One of Applique” I too.. thought why piece a boarder to something that is so beatiful!! and your gold you chose was perfect.. it only accentuates the blocks even further. Thanks for clarifying the sizes and posting the cutting measurements.. you are the best.


  2. Appreciate the instructions. I made the original quilt based on the book. However, making a smaller version for the wall would be great also. Been a loyal fan for years. Love all the quilts and patterns.


  3. Love everything you do. Can’t keep up with all the fabulous patterns you come out with. Definitely want to make the wall version of Lorna’s Vine. Thank you …..


  4. Wonderful – thanks! Did you use a variety of reds on this one – or one red? It appears as if you used more prints in the leaves and flower backgrounds on this one as opposed to the large one. Really nice!


  5. I used the same red throughout on this one because that’s what I had. No time to shop unfortunately? I do like the addition of some prints. I think polka dots make everything better!


  6. LOL! I really need to learn howto count! Thanks for clearing that up for me 🙂 I like the inner border! I liked the blue, but then when I saw the picture of the golden border, I agree it is much better. I still have so much to learn 😀


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