Little feathers…

I’m machine quilting the borders on the smaller version of Lorna’s Vine. I’m “fracturing” the feathers.

It is entirely possible that other quilters have done this before me, but I don’t remember seeing feathers done quite this way before. It’s a fast way to fill the entire space with closely-quilted, feathery lines.

Click the photo to enlarge it. This is a blog feature that went away (I don’t know why) and now it’s back (I still don’t know why). But it’s nice to be able to see details better.

8 thoughts on “Little feathers…

  1. Your machine quilting is gorgeous! I cannot master free motion quilting. With the enlarged picture, I can see how beautiful your applique process is. It makes me want to truly perfect mine. Thanks for the great pictures. Please include any/all tips. Some of us do not have the advantage of attending your classes.


  2. Your quilting in the blocks and borders is wonderful! I’m so glad the enlargement feature is back! I only hand quilt, but would love to be able to free motion quilt. I know it’s not easy and takes a lot of practice – how long did it take till you felt proficient at your machine quilting? Karen


  3. Hi Becky! The quilt is awesome & your quilting is inspiring! Thanks. : ) Can you tell me what kind of thread you are using for the quilting, please? What weight is it? Cotton? Silk? I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing!!! Piecefully, Pam


  4. This is absolutely beautiful! It’s so nice and even. Must have taken a LOT of practice to master this technique. I’m still in the stippling phase and occasionally venture out of the box to try something different.


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