It was (practically) free!

Last month when Steve and I were in Oklahoma City visiting parents, we spotted the metal base to a patio table. The glass was gone, but the base was in good shape. I even liked the slightly weathered blue paint on it.

We got it back home and I decided it needed a mosaic top . We used a sheet of Hardie board for the base.

I priced tile and realized that I didn’t want to spend that much. I had some garage sale plates and white tiles. We bought mastic and grout.

I broke the plates between pieces of cardboard with a 4 lb hammer. Wear goggles!

Steve helped me with this project. It’s too bad we don’t have a movie of us hurriedly trying to stick the pieces to the table before the mastic dried!

I could have gone hunting for more plates, but honestly I didn’t have time. We both think it has a nicely casual look as it is. And it was (practically) free!

7 thoughts on “It was (practically) free!

  1. My husband is an academic. He’s tenured and is now dean of the science division – but we’re not rolling in money. And it might surprise you to know that our house has just under 1800 sq. ft. It’s a great size for the 2 of us!


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