Becky is on her way home from staying with her sister in the hospital. Christy is amazing. Once again she is doing better. 

Becky has been sharing with you about her new project. I have a project going using the same techniques but with a very different look from hers.
 Years ago I found these vintage blocks while antiquing. Probably under a table in a basket. I loved them and brought them home and put them in a drawer. An unknown maker spent many hours hand piecing them. Her seams match up beautifully. When you look at them they have a softness to them that you do not get cutting strips using a ruler.
I am making a quilt using the blocks for my background. The background is busy. My applique is a very simple design, with the applique pieces being large. This way the background remains the background.
I plan to cut my sashing and 9 patch blocks for the border without a ruler. My hope is for the borders to look soft like the background. I will post more as the project progresses.
Blessings Linda

4 thoughts on “

  1. Linda — I love your block. Even though the background is busy, the applique does stand out from the back. Very nice and what a lucky find!


  2. I have been thinking about appliqueing over a pieced background – do you recommend cutting away the background after the applique is finished?
    Barb in Nova Scotia


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