That’s my man…

My husband, Steve, took part in the Relay for Life last night. The funds raised go to the American Cancer Society to fight breast cancer. Several of his friends and colleagues at Austin College have fought breast cancer and one, Shellene Kelley, died a few months ago. The AC team ran in her honor.

Since Steve was the only man on the committee, he was nominated to take part in the men-dressed-as-women lap. There he is, with a determined look on his face, stunning in a Marilyn Monroe-type dress and Hannah Montana wig. He collected money in a lovely silver purse (picked up at Goodwill earlier in the day). You can’t see his feet, but the brown Birkenstock sandals truly completed the outfit.

6 thoughts on “That’s my man…

  1. That is such a wonderful cause and we will be a part of it in early June here in Michigan.

    I hope your hubby was able to bring in tons of money!
    Bless his heart! What a trooper! LOL


  2. Tell your husband I think he is waaaay cool! He looks like he was having fun, for a great and worthwhile cause. Hope he raised a lot of money – he deserved to!


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