Seen in Raleigh, NC…

Here are some other images that caught my eye on my morning walks…

This rock path was a nice counterpoint to the concrete sidewalk. It didn’t look like it would be difficult to construct.

Many houses had wisteria growing on their porches.

This Victorian house was in the process of being re-painted. It was interesting to see the raw wood among all the painted beauties.

This door, with its painted house number above, reminded me of a firehouse door.

This was really different. That’s a painting on the porch of birds perched on what looks like a window of the house. Pretty cool.

4 thoughts on “Seen in Raleigh, NC…

  1. I really enjoy all the pictures you post – as well as your quilt patterns. I think I especially like the pictures you've posted lately of the old homes. It's so much fun to see other places this way.


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