Seen in Vermont…

My last class ended at 11:30 on Sunday. It was such a good few days! The ladies in my classes all did so well and a good time was had by everyone. As a quilt teacher, it always makes me happy when my students leave happy and confident that they can applique anything. Good job ladies!

Kayoko, one of my students, gave me an origami winged dragon that she made. I love it! It folds flat so that I can travel home with it. It will live in my studio. Thank you, Kayoko.

Steve and I drove to Stowe for a couple of hours. Steve hiked and saw quite a bit of Vermont while I was working so this was my chance to see some of the state. We took the scenic route and found this spot in the road. The rocks are HUGE and the road is narrow and winding. Very scenic.

These flowers were in Stowe. I should know what they are, but I don’t. Let’s just call them pretty.

8 thoughts on “Seen in Vermont…

  1. The big rocks are actually Smuggler's Notch where contraband from Canada would be smuggled into the U.S. It is closed in winter – too hard to plow. There is a gorgeous, easy hike up to a mountain lake nearby.
    We go to Stowe every year. Next time you should rent a bike and go for a ride on the Recreation Path over the river and through meadows. So beautiful. (And shop for amazing shoes at Well Heeled!)


  2. I think the yellow flowers are tuberous begonias. As a very lucky person to have been one of your VQF students, I am still smiling from the class. Thank you again. Now, I need to practice my stitching. Yipee!


  3. I'm glad you enjoyed Stowe. Hopefully, you stopped for some Lake Champlain Chocolates ice cream! I enjoyed our Applique class very much! Thanks again.


  4. Dang! I missed the good shoe shopping. Next time…

    I think the yellow flowers are begonias. I don't try these are home but the stems and leaves look begonia-like. Is a mandevilla a relative of a bouganvilla?

    I'm glad you all enjoyed the classes – I know I did!


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