More from Knoxville…

Tennessee Quilts is a wonderful shop in Jonesborough, TN, owned by Linda Crouch-McCreadie and Breand Crouch. Their booth at the AQS Show was full of Kaffe fabrics – bright and cheerful. They had a quilt posing as a rug on the floor. It looked great but it was hard to make myself walk on it. Linda had Scotchgarded it though and it was not getting dirty. It's an interesting idea for a floor that doesn't get walked on much.

There is a lot of good fabric in the vendor mall. This display of rolled, color-coordinated fat quarters at Stitch On Needlework Shop was eye-catching


The ladies at Handbehg Felts had done some festive things with felt beads. I especially liked the "flower" stalks made with heavy galvanized wire, cut felt, and felt beads. Very cute – and they would never wilt!

6 thoughts on “More from Knoxville…

  1. Becky, the first photo took my breath away! First thought,beautiful,drop-dead color it just knocks your socks off…WOW! Second though OMG she’s walking on the quilt! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, lovely quilts!


  2. Standing on a quilt does provoke quite a reaction from us quilters, doesn’t it!? I was wondering if you knew what pattern that rug/quilt was…do you know if it was a Kaffe Fassett pattern? Thanks!


  3. I’m sure the ladies at TN Quilts can tell you all about it. They had kits for most of the quilts in their booth. There is a link to their site in my post. I’m guessing you could get a phone number from their site and give them a call. Happy (quilt) hunting!


  4. Ladies, the main quilt hanging on the wall looks like the cover of Kaffe Fassett’s Country Garden Quilts, available on for $16.47. The remaining quilts probably come from the same book.


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