More wedding pics…

The wedding photographers have 2 photos from Jeff and Celia's wedding on the front page of their site. Go to Nine Photography. That lovely couple at the top of the page is Jeff and Celia! The two funky robots on their blog link are mine. They live on Steve's dresser and Kelli (photographer) added Jeff and Celia's rings to take that great photo.


Most of the wedding photos were taken before the ceremony. No superstition for them – the groom saw the bride and the photos were taken! I seriously recommend this to any of you who have weddings on the horizon. The wedding itself was more focused and Jeff and Celia were more relaxed. It was good.

The photo above was taken between the wedding and reception. The photographers found a cool spot for photos and had Jeff and Celia stop for photos on the way to the reception. Celia said it was a good way for them to catch their breath and get ready to enjoy the eveing. And I have to say the photos I've seen are worth the time it took.

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