Wedding pictures are just too much fun!

I'm seeing wedding photos in small doses. It's sort of like appetizers before a really fine meal – I'm happy, but not quite full. 09kiss

This image was taken on the stairs to the choir loft at the back of our church, St. Mary's Catholic Church, in Sherman, TX. Either Kelli or Brandon from nine photography took it. I'm amazed at the lighting in this photo. This stained glass window faces west and the sun was shining brightly into it. The church itself was not well-lit. The photo is prettier than the scene was in person – and Jeff and Celia were pretty darned great in person.


I love this photo which was taken after the wedding, before the reception. It was just Jeff and Celia and the photographers at a spot that Brandon found earlier in the day. The way they captured the movement of Celia's dress and her lovely shoes below makes this photo come alive. This may be the one that ends up framed, in our hallway.

I wish I had photos like this from my own wedding. I can't go back, but Steve and I may need to manufacture an event at which we can be photographed. In great clothes and pretty shoes! With a party to follow.

You can see more of the wedding photos at nine photography's blog here. You'll see bits and pieces of our house in the backgrounds.

6 thoughts on “Wedding pictures are just too much fun!

  1. Ah, the photo outside near the old shed is exactly the same as one from my youngest daughters wedding, which was just over 2 years ago, they’re nearly ready for their 1st baby, my 6th grandchild, we’re in Australia, Queensland and they got married on a property in an old church and then reception, all very cute,she is 32 having 1st baby I was 21 very different, can’t wait to meet our newest member, your photos are lovely and I have many as wall art, my family photos are treasures worth far more than any priceless painting.
    Enjoy your blog, good fun sharing in others lives even if across the world, may your son and daughter in law be very happy as happy as all my girls.
    Happy crafting,


  2. Thank you for sharing pictures of the wedding. Family weddings are so much fun, aren’t they?
    I just wanted to tell you that I follow your blog and Pat Sloan’s blog every day. I had brain surgery in April and once I was able to focus and read I followed your blogs daily. They really lifted my spirits. Thank you. Pam @ Thunder Bay Resort


  3. Wonderful photos Becky – I bet the photographers loved taking the pictures at your house where everything is so colorful, especially with a white wedding dress in the pictures. They certainly do go out of their way to get very unique shots. What memories. Judy C in NC


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