Wedding cake topper…

Celia found these two painted wooden figures to use for her wedding cake topper. She left it to me to make then work on top of the cake. After hunting for just the right base for them, I happened to look up in the kitchen cabinets and I saw *Steve's jars. Jar lids! Perfect!

CakeTopper-01 copy

I found two that were the right height and width. I used double-stick tape to stick the green paper circles to the top of each lid. I used my corrugator (cool tool) to crimp white cardstock. I cut two strips of the crimped paper and double-stick-taped it to the sides of each lid. Then I hot-glued the pieces together.

CakeTopper-02 copy 

Pretty cute if I do say so myself! I don't have a lovely photo of the cake on top of the cupcake tower but here's an almost-lovely shot of it.


*Did you wonder about "Steve's jars"? He stores all sorts of dry food in jars in our cabinets. Not canisters, not boxes, just glass or clear plastic jars. After the wedding, Steve got his jar-lids back and Celia took her little wooden figures home with her.

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