Dancing is fun!

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That's not Steve's arm – it belongs to Jason Ader, one of Jeff's best friends from Dickinson. He said he wasn't a good dancer but he faked it very well! You can see Jeff and Celia behind me. I can't show the photos of them dancing yet because there are wedding sites that want to have exclusive use of them. When I can show them, I will!


I can show Chris and Lorna dancing. Steve, my sweet husband, was not in a dancing mood and at the time that was just fine with me. In looking back at these photos, though, I wish we had squeezed in one dance together. I suppose we're going to have to find another event at which we can dance!


This is Edith and Craig, Steve's parents and my in-laws. They used to dance every weekend – before and after they had kids. And I'm telling you, they could DANCE! I had hoped to see them dance at this wedding, but Edith's hip is not working as well as it used to and Craig, who has Alzheimer's, wasn't up for it. The good thing is that they were there and they enjoyed themselves! This is another one of those captured moments that will be treasured in our family.

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