Naked Lady Lilies…

That got your attention, didn't it! These plants are also called Surprise and Magic Lilies because they pop up out of ground with no warning in August. They don't have leaves and  are members of the amaryllis family. I forget about them until there they are. This group grew up into my cotoneaster bush.

RedNakedLadyLilies-01 copy

RedNakedLadyLilies-02 copy

The pistols and stamen in each flower curl up. It's cute! They look happy.


6 thoughts on “Naked Lady Lilies…

  1. Isn’t that “Bare Naked Ladies,” the singing group? LOL! Gorgeous… and nothing like a great pleasant surprise from nature. Watching the PBS “National Parks” series has been like that… the incredible surprise and wonder of nature. We are so lucky to have those preserved spaces to visit.
    And being from the Northeast, I’m afraid to ask what a cotoneaster bush is… sounds like the name of a dangerous snake.


  2. Hi Becky, your lilies are really oxblood lilies. The naked ladies (taller) come up a little earlier in August and match the picture in your link. Here’s a link for the oxblood: Spider lilies are another red one blooming right now.
    By the way, I’ve so enjoyed the wedding pictures!
    Stephanie (McKinney, Texas)


  3. Wow, those are beautful!very interesting! You share the nicest things!I, too, have enjoyed the wedding photos. First one of my 4 daughters is getting married in Aruba in April.So, I am looking for tips…


  4. I have some red spider lilies that came up and have already died but now the leaves are coming up and will be around all winter. They are the neatest plants. I like yours too.


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