What goes around…

OK – Steve and I admit it. We can't do the heavy lifting that we used to do. So it was really nice when Jeff volunteered to cut some of the stone to go next to the pool. He cut stone one day, then Celia helped him set it in.

JeffAndCelia-SettingRock-02 copy

It was cold but they were working hard. Jeff took off the coat pretty fast.

JeffAndCelia-SettingRock-03 copy 

They mixed sand and cement in the wheelbarrow and set the stones with that. It's called drypack. Not as permanent at concrete, but very solid. Our electric line to the house runs under these rocks and we want to be able to get to it if we have to.

JeffAndCelia-SettingRock-04 copy 

I made them stop for a photo. Jeff was less happy to pose for me than Celia was – and I completely understood. I was reminded of building the fence for my mom last week. It felt good, we were very glad to have done it, but no posing, please.

Jeff left us with several more rocks cut to fit. We'll set them in sometime before spring. We have lots more to go but these are the most important stones as they are where you walk around the pool.

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