The kids are in Paris!

Jeff and Celia are in Paris for a delayed honeymoon. I've been getting pictures (isn't the internet wonderful!). Here is the view of the Eiffel Tower from the apartment where they are staying. Celia found the apartment online – amazing! You cana read Celia's blog for more info.


Here they are, each posed in front of the Eiffel Tower…



4 thoughts on “The kids are in Paris!

  1. Ohhhh Paris!!! I recently went to Paris and London with my partner. It was my first time in Europe but she has been many times. We were in Paris for New Years Eve! I love it there and could easily live there. It is so beautiful!
    Sydney, Australia


  2. My daughter and now sil got engaged at the Eiffel Tower several years ago. This march is their 2nd anniversary. Its a wonder place to make special memories.


  3. Hey, the Eiffel Tower is so amazing in person. I was there 10 years ago when my husband was stationed in Germany. We took our son and walked all over Paris, still such wonderful memories, good for them! Got to quilt, just stopped by to check my order of thread. Judy


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