Jeff and Celia in Paris…

I wrote on March 3 about Jeff and Celia's trip to Paris. They are home now and I have been hearing about the trip and loving the pictures they took. Celia has several posts about the trip on her blog, Looking Lovely. Celia said I could share some of their photos with you.

One of the coolest things they did was hire Audrey and Anthony, photographers who took shots of them in special locations in Paris. I would never have thought of doing this but Celia thinks of all sorts of amazing things. They don't have the 'real' photos back yet but I think this is one that Anthony took with Celia's camera.


They had dinner at Art Home. This is a restaurant that is open for only one year. It is on top of the Palais de Tokyo, across the river from the Eiffel Tower. Celia wrote about their dinner here. They happened to be dining at Art Home the night that the NY Times was there and you can read about it today, here. Celia is in the 3rd chair from the right so all you see is a bit of her tiny behind in this photo but, still, my behind has never been in the NY Times! Pretty cool. this is what it looks like from the street.


They walked all over. It looks like Jeff was in charge of the map…


Celia said she mostly walked in 3" heels. My toes don't bend (seriously, I'm having surgery on one foot in a few weeks) so that sounds like pure torture to me. But she looks really good in those heels!


They went to Shakespeare & Company to shop for books. I love this photo of Jeff. I know that if you don't know him he doesn't look like anyone in particular, but when you know a love a person, even the back of their head is nice to look at.


Click over to Celia's blog to see more…

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