On top of Mt Elbert…

At_summit_01 copy

I know I have not posted enough in the last week. Here's my excuse and I think it's a good one… Steve is out of town. He and our oldest son, Chris, are camping and hiking in Colorado.

When he's gone I am forced to fend for myself. Now, I know that that I am a very lucky woman in that Steve does all the cooking (except cakes) and all the grocery shopping when he's home. In the summers he does most of my errand running too. All of this in addition to having a real job. Seriously, I know I am blessed. But when he's gone I can hardly keep up!

So I thought I would share the photo he sent, taken yesterday on the summit of Mt. Elbert. It is highest peak in the Rockies in the North America @ 14,000 feet. I'm glad I'm not there because I can't breathe above 10,000 feet. I wonder who took the photo?


3 thoughts on “On top of Mt Elbert…

  1. The photo was taken by some teenage guys who’d beaten their parents to the top. We had no such luck on the summit of Mt. Massive (a mere twelve feet shorter, which we climbed on the third day after doing Elbert), so there are photos of each of us, but not the two of us together.


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