Hiking around Katoomba…

We got up this morning to clear skies, cold air and wind – which is better that cold, wet wind. There are a variety of hikes around the cliffs. We bought trolley passes which allowed us to get on and off in different places.

On the walk up through town I spotted some lovely flowers outside a flower shop. Do orchids really come in this shade of blue?

FlowerShop-01 copy 

And these were pretty. I'd have gotten a bunch but we're moving around too much.

FlowerShop-02 copy 

We're in the Blue Mountains. Do they look a little blue there behind me?

BeckyAtKatoomba-01 copy

There are cliffs that look a little bit like the Grand Canyon. The Three Sisters are a famous rock formation…

ThreeSisters-02 copy 

We went over to Scenic World and road the (sort of scary) cable car across the canyon. We also rode down into rain forest at the bottom of the canyon and the railway back up. In all cases I was busy enough holding firmly onto the rails that I did not take photos.

And one last photo to share is of the crosswalk sign. I do love the signs in Australia. I don't know if it's just that they are different, but I think the graphics are better. This says 'crosswalk' better than the signs at home do.

CrosswalkSign copy

5 thoughts on “Hiking around Katoomba…

  1. I am just now getting caught up on your travels now that I am home from mine. It looks like a wonderful place and you must be seeing so much – I am going to spend a little more time looking through all you vacation post – although I know you are teaching too it must seem like a vacation also so be seeing so much in between workshops and classes.


  2. Thank you for sharing your Australian trip with all of us who are unable to travel there ourselves. Enjoying the sites, colors and differences immensely!


  3. Hi Becky, hope you enjoy wonderful Australia and the hospitality of my good friend Kathy Doughty. They are really looking forward to your visit.
    (Unrelated question): Would you happen to know of a good source for western-themed applique shapes? I cannot draw at all and my father-in-law has asked me to make him a quilt with blocks related to his hometown of Santa Fe (cowboy hat, boots, chili pepper, etc…) I haven’t been able to find a thing! Thanks so much.


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