We’re in Sydney where I’m teaching at Material Obsession. I love this shop! I read Kathy Doughty’s blog and it’s great fun to meet her and the ladies who frequent her shop.

We came in on the day before class started. Steve and I had that day to wander around Sydney. We walked out onto the Sydney Harbor Bridge. A very nice lady offered to take our picture so here we are:


Sydney is a harbor city. Lots of water. The famous area with the bridge and the Sydney Opera building is very walkable. We walked to the center of the bridge and over to the Opera itself in less than an hour. This is the Opera as seen from the bridge:

SydneyOpera-11 copy

As we got closer to the Opera I realized that the white parts are not really white, they are more creamy in color. And as we got even closer I realized that all of that light area is made from tile!

SydneyOpera-04 copy

Here’s an even  closer look:


Who knew!? I don’t know what I thought the Sydney Opera Building was covered with but I’m sure it wasn’t tile. I does, however, make sense once you think about it.

We shopped – well I shopped and Steve was patient. We found some presents for folks at home. I bought a green bangle bracelet made from resin that I love. It was too expensive but I knew if I didn’t get it I’d regret it. I didn’t buy any of the lovely designer clothes I saw. I tried to buy some blue jeans but Australian jeans don’t fit me any better than US jeans do. Oh well. I have a lot more luck buying fabric at the quilt shops!

We went to dinner at Cafe Sydney which is on the top/5th floor of the old Custom’s House. The Sydney Public Library is on the 1st and 2nd floors. Very nice. This building is right on the Circular Quay. If you stand at the front of this building and walk right you go to the Opera, go left you go to the Harbor Bridge. There is a train station in front of the Custom’s House that blocks the view of the harbor – but you can see over the train station from the 5th floor.

We had to visit ‘the facilities’ that are part of the library area early in the day. This is how the doors are marked:

SydneyLibrary-LadiesDoor copy

SydneyLibrary-MensDoor copy

Perfect for a library!

Our table for dinner was outside. It was cold and windy but they have propane heaters and blankets on each chair that kept us warm. The food was really fine. A very nice woman and her son were sitting nearby and she offered to take out picture. They were from Connecticut and it was there last meal before getting a the flight home. The lights out in the harbor and across the way were really pretty. You know, sometimes it’s worth it to spend more money on a fine meal in a spectacular place!

BeckyAndSteve-CafeSydney-01 copy

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