Halloween flowers…

Celia (my DIL) sent me flowers! Of all the people in our family, Celia says it most often with flowers and I do enjoy them. She has a halloween birthday which makes these even more special.


Isn't the spider cute – and that vibrant orange flower looks at bit spider-webby with it. I wish I could grow flowers that looked like this. Maybe next year…


I took these photos out by the pool where Jeff was. Jeff, our son/Celia's husband, has been here for a short visit which we have all enjoyed. It has cooled off in north Texas – beautiful fall weather with highs in the 60s. The pool water is getting cool enough that I have not done more than dangle my legs but both Steve and Jeff have been in and out of it often. Here's Jeff:

Jeff_10-3-10_05 copy

I'll try to get a picture that shows his face (that he'll let me post) before he heads home tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Halloween flowers…

  1. I always love Halloween flowers very much…They are so pretty and sweet looking too…Ofcouse halloween birthday which makes these even more special….

    Is this spider is real,cant believe it ….


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