Circular Momentum…

That's the name of my quilt that just recently hung in the IQA Quilt Show in Houston. It won a ribbon – Libby Lehman chose my quilt for her judge's choice award. I am truly honored because Libby is one of my all-time favorite quilters! Here's the quilt – you'll see it next spring in our new Christmas book…


I'm especially proud of the design in the borders.

17 thoughts on “Circular Momentum…

  1. Becky
    That quilt is awesome. I so love the work of Piece of Cake – but I really LOVE this for the simplicity of one shape and what you have done with it. Simply Gorgeous.


  2. I love the design and the fabrics you chose. Can you share how you made all of your circles? I can’t imagine needleturning all of them. Yikes!


  3. Yes, I needleturned every circle. I much prefer that method to other methods – and Ive tried them all. The truth is that no matter how you do it, circles are a slower shape to sew but they are really impressive if you take the time to do them well.


  4. It has your style all over it, all those circles and the polka dots fabric it´s really beautiful! You are one of my favorites quilt designers. Congratulations!!


  5. Magnificent quilt combining great design, exquisite mix of colours and fabrics. Congratulations on a very well deserved Judge’s Choice Award!
    Thank you for the recent videos demonstrating your applique technique using Perle cotton.


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