The Eiffel Tower at night…

Last night we went to see the Eiffel Tower as the sun went down. There is a light show on the hour starting at dark which is worth the effort to go see. (The first time I posted this, the photo was sideways. I just fixed it.)

DSCN0494 copy

Today we wandered the streets and I had gelato twice – for breakfast and lunch. If it was close I’d have some more now!

4 thoughts on “The Eiffel Tower at night…

  1. Thanks for sharing your travels through a great city. My husband, daughter and I rented an apt. in Paris two years ago and it was one of our best vacations ever.


  2. With that gelato addiction, it seems Paris left you more than an eyeful of the tower! But the tower framed in the colors of sunset is a sight to behold, not to mention the moment they finally light it up against the looming darkness.


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