From Grand Rapids…

GrandRapids-01 copy

I've been in Grand Rapids, MI, since Monday. I came in to teach and lecture on Tuesday and Wednesday at the West MIchigan Quilt Guild but had Monday afternoon to do something fun. Diane took me downtown for lunch and to see some of the art dispayed in the Art Prize exhibit.The weather was cool and not rainy when I took the photo above but rainy later. I am living in drought-world so I seriously enjoyed the cool rainy days. I also got to see some of the leaves already turning – I think at home our leaves are going to turn brown and fall off.

Diane reminded me of the video made in Grand Rapids that I posted a few weeks ago. Remember this? Grand Rapids is a lovely city – neither too big nor too small and full of fun in interesting people. I am here during the Art Prize competition. The city offers a 1st prize of $250,000 to the artist whose work is voted best by the people of Grand Rapids. There are more prizes as well.

Artists from all over the globe enter and their work is sprinked throughout downtown in museums, restaurants, outdoors… everywhere. It's huge and exciting and lots and lots and lots of people go out to see the art and vote. Why don't other places do this!?


I didn't take many photos of the art. The project above is a collage of 365 photos – one taken each day for a year – arranged to form an eye when see from afar. I should have taken more photos but was a little worried about copyright infringement. We went to the art musem and I couldn't help but take a photo of the chairs below. I don't know if they are comfortable but they were so pretty! Like leaves blown in place around the tables.


We ate lunch at the BOB which stands for Big Old Building. Diane said that that's what people called the empty old building that used to house some sort of manufacturing business. It was renovated and now houses a variety of restaurants and bars on at least 3 levels. The food was good and art that was hung there was really nice. The piece I remember most from there was called Glitter Girl – an image made from thousands of small sequins that was really lovely.

The wall around the elevator on the 2nd floor of the BOB was covered with these smashed cans….


I gotta tell you – this was a very interesting wall. The cans were very smashed and screwed to the wall. The texture and color was great and I am trying to think of a space inside or outside my house that I can put up a similar one.


On the way back to the car we passed a window where a man was sitting. Except that he was so very still that he looked like a sculpture. We had just seen a sculpture of Gerald Ford that was just as lifelike. I had to go back and take his photo. The only thing that moved was one finger on his phone. He never knew I was there. I wish the glass and reflections were not there. I want to work on this image in photoshop – crop out the distracting background – later, when I have some time.

ManInWindow-GrandRapids copy

I fly out really early in the morning so I'll sign off now…

1 thought on “From Grand Rapids…

  1. I like the smashed can wall as well. Great photos. Hope you and your family are healing.
    The hard moments sometimes come out of nowhere. Thanks for posting Becky.


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