Have you seen this elephant?


I bought this elephant for Donna who takes such good care of my nails (which are looking lovely these days!) when I was in Paris a few months ago. It's a stand for her iPhone:


I bought this at Pylones in Paris, France – not Texas. After seeing how great it is on her desk I thought to myself "I need one of those and I'll bet I can order it online." 

Pylones is online. And I did go shopping on their because I needed this extremely cute tape dispenser for the office: 


However, I hunted the site in vain for an elephant iPhone holder. I contacted Pylones and a very polite person let me know that you can only get them in France. I looked at the Pylones French website and didn't see them there either which makes me think that they are only in the stores.

So here is my plea: If you are going to Paris you will see at least one Pylones store. There are several And if you like Piece O' Cake, you will be sucked into the Pylones store because the colors are so luscious. If you are there and if you have a little bit of room in your luggage for up to 5 of these things I will happily pay you back for them and for the shipping to get them to me. If you are that rare, wonderful person, email me at becky@pieceocake.com so that I can send you a check. I am happy for you to pick the elephant color(s)!


5 thoughts on “Have you seen this elephant?

  1. Hi Becky, I follow a blog called “Oh Happy Day” here is the link
    Anyway, maybe you could contact Jordan Ferney who writes the blog and is an American living in Paris for a year, with her artist husband, and children. You will probably like her blog, and become lifelong friends. Your welcome.


  2. Hi!
    I live in France too. There are a couple of Pylones shop in my area (I don’t live in Paris, though). I could go and check them out for you.


  3. Hi Beatrice:
    I would love that! Let me know if you find them and how much it is to ship them. We can do one of two things. I can send you a check or, if it worked for you, you can place an order and I will apply what I owe you as a credit. Let me know how youd like to proceed. If you can get 3, I think that would be the perfect number.
    Thank you!
    I live in France too. There are a couple of Pylones shop in my area (I dont live in Paris, though). I could go and check them out for you.
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