I have 2 cats and I have to say that they and I live in our own orbits. These orbits intersect at the food bowl and the doors to the outside.

I am always busy. To be specific, my hands are always busy. When I'm at the computer, the sewing machine, or my chair (where I am appliqueing) my hands are busy. My poor cats have gotten used to this fact. I would need at least one more arm and hand to pet them more than I do. My lap is very rarely open for a hot furry cat body. And Steve is not any better cat-wise. We treat the cats sort of like adult roommates – we expect them to carry on on their own with some help.

That said, our cats seem to love us. As I said, we let them in and out, we feed them, and we worry about them at the appropriate times. We take them to the vet (they are not happy about that) and we treat them with the flea stuff (they really don't like that).

We saved them from a life on the streets and I think they appreciate that. Dave found us and stayed, Emma was a cat left at our vet's office that needed a home. I don't kiss my cats or talk baby-talk to them. I try to rub their heads when they really need it. They could leave and don't. I'm not the greatest cat owner, but I am not the worst. 

So – now that you know all that, I have to share this video. The person doing the talking and cat-toy-throwing is my DIL, Celia. She and Jeff have 2 black cats and they interact way more with their cats than we do. Who knew a cat would fetch!!! (Makes me feel like a slacker.) 


Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!


8 thoughts on “Seriously?!

  1. Actually she just started doing this the other day. They love sitting with us and petting time, but we didn’t have to train her at all! Guess we got lucky and found a great cat!


  2. That video is great! We have a kitty that will fetch little wadded up pieces of paper (think candy wrappers). But, she’s the only one out of 12 cats I’ve had in my lifetime that will do it.


  3. My cat Cleo fetches also. I call her my cat-dog. Btw – just purchased your “my whimsical quilt garden” packet today. I’m so excited! Can’t wait to open it and get started! Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. I had a cat one that would fetch pennies! I was in college and she was bugging me when I was doing homework and she loved running after stuff. I looked for the closest thing and there was only a pile of pennies on the table beside me. She brought it back!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. Cats don’t need to be petted to be sewing companions. Mine just like to sit and watch and occasionally swat at the sewing machine. The dog, on the other hand has swallowed my Day Lily bobbin from my Frosted Donut mid project!! But all is well. A replacement has arrived in the mail today and the other bobbin, well it has been retrieved and binned!!


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