My mug rack…

You asked to see it and here it is – my mug rack! Missing mugs are in the dishwasher.


The walls in most houses have 2×4 studs with sheetrock on both sides. Steve cut a hole in the sheetrock on one side of the wall. The back of my mug rack is the back side of the sheetrock on the other side of the wall. He often has to cut out some 2×4. FYI – It's important not to cut a load-bearing stud.

There is a wood 'box' that makes up the four sides of the mug rack. Steve drilled matching holes with his drill press in the wood on either side of the box to put shelf brackets in. He trimmed it out with 1/4-round. I painted the back wall to match the walls but you could get decorative here. I could paint the wood white (and probably should) but then I'd have to do something with the mugs while the paint dried.


The mug with the skiers is from my childhood. I have two of them – we used to drink hot chocolate from them. Steve's is the mad scientist… the light blue early bird mug is newish and is really fun on the inside…


Honestly, this is very much like an in-wall medicine cabinet. If you didn't want to start from scratch I'll bet you can find an in-wall cabinet with some shelves at Lowe's or Home Depot.

Now I really must get to work! It's 4:00 and I'm still trying to get to the pile of fabric that I intended to be cutting up this morning. Isn't that the way it goes… 


5 thoughts on “My mug rack…

  1. Hi! Love the cup rack! It’s a great idea to decorate a kitchen area and it’s useful, too. Best part, you get to see all those really pretty mugs and you know where you can find one in a hurry! Steve’s awful good with wood!


  2. Thanks for showing us the mug rack. What a lovely collection of mugs! That is so much nicer than cramming them inside the cupboards, and they do have a way of multiplying. Tons of irresistible ones out there these days.


  3. That’s a way cool idea. Could be used for a lot of things. Now if I could just convince my husband! I love, love, love your blog. thanks, debbie


  4. I bought my sister the Morton salt girl mugs when they were a “thing” about 20 years ago for her birthday. She still has them and uses them all the time. They are very cute, especially the older ones. There was a set of four. This is a cool idea; I really like it. My DH is a lot like yours: anything someone else can do, he can do, too (or at least he will try it). I’ll have to show it to him. Now, where to put it??? Hmmm! Thanks for sharing.


  5. Choose one or two special pieces to display on your shelf and stick the rest of the knickknacks in a box elsewhere. Natural elements, such as stones, seashells and driftwood or elemental sculptures complement a calm room.


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