Happier things…

Spring has sprung just about everywhere. In between everything else this weekend we did a little yard work. We put cardboard and mulch in mom's flower beds and I did some weeding in my front yard. There are a few houses, including our nextdoor neighbor, who got behind in their mowing. 


Oh my. Some of the dandilions were 18" and taller and were starting to go to seed. Luckily they got mowed Saturday afternoon but I keep finding dandilions growing amoung my other plants. They hide.


I had more than one variety of dandilion – some thorny, some not. They drive me crazy because if I let them go they'll choke out the plants that I would prefer to grow. So I made several of this sort of pile:


I also have some even sneakier weeds. I'm not sure what this is, although I suspect it's some sort of sweet pea. It seems to take over overnight. It's stems are delicate which makes it hard to pull. Can you see it peeking up through my lavendar?

LavendarAndWeed copy

I planted a viburnum a couple years ago and it's finally flowering…

Viburnum-01 copy

I'll show you some more tomorrow. If you are like me you need to get back to work!


4 thoughts on “Happier things…

  1. That looks like vetch coming up in your lavender. It is a native TX wildflower with a small purple bloom but can take over and it is hard to remove. It does put nitrogen in the soil if that helps any! Yes, I have lots to do and I am not happy with 81 degrees in TX and it’s still March.


  2. It took my viburnum 4 or 5 years to bloom! Maybe because I’m in southern Indiana. I do love the bushes. They were just slow to get going. The crown vetch has a really nice bloom, but we planted it on the sides of the pond to hold the dirt. It does travel. Sorry you have to deal with that in the flower garden.


  3. I looked that weed up in my plant and noxious weed book (as much as I could see to tell, and then hope it was the plant I wanted to identify [did that make sense???]) — anyway, I agree with the first commenter that it seems to be a type of vetch. It is supposed to be hard to contain (kind of like mint that spreads everywhere). Hope you can do something to make it go away. I can’t imagine 81 degrees in late March. I live at 5600 feet in the mid-Eastern part of Utah and it’s still quite cold, especially when the breeze gets a lick at you. My dogs still don’t linger outdoors in the a.m. or p.m., even with fur coats. It got to 59 yesterday, but with the wind, it wasn’t warm. I wish I could start gardening. I’m very envious of your climate. AND, the pool waterfall wall looks very good. Enjoy!!


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