More spring sitings…

We decided to have the tile on the waterfall wall next to the pool replaced. I've shown it before, it used to look like this:

PoolFalls-01 copy

The little glass tiles were lovely for a while but over the past year they have been falling off and the concrete has oozed calcium through the seams in several places. It was looking sad. This is much better: 

PoolTile-New copy

Mom and I were sitting out by the pool before dinner on Sunday and we spotted this cardinal high in the tree across the alley. Isn't he a stunning color against the blue sky?


And there was a monarch butterfly flitting around the lavendar against the far fence. It must not be early for butterflies because there it was – but it seems early. The bumble bees and wasps are out and about here too. 

MonarchOnLavendar-01 copy

It never got cold enough for the asparagus ferns to freeze on our front porch. I have to say that they have never looked better! They are the only plant I've found so far that can make it through the heat of the summer on the front porch. This year I'm going to try a pot or two of periwinkles – I think they might make it.


The irises are about gone, the wild roses are coming on. The pansies and kale will get pulled up soon in favor of hotter weather flowers. The trees are greening up in a serious way!

I'm enjoying the way it all looks but it's also feels wrong. I'm not mentally ready for summer to be upon us.

3 thoughts on “More spring sitings…

  1. Becky, I know what you mean. I don’t mind having a mild winter, but I wish our Spring would be longer. I’m not ready for the summer.


  2. Spring is too short down here in mid-south. Periwinkles – they used to be tough as nails but breeders loused up a while ago and most of them would get diseases if mud splattered on them. The Dallas Arboretum has tested the variety Cara and says the majority of plants in this group are resistant. I had nice plants last year with this group the for the first time in ten years. (Richardson TX) Enjoy the weather!


  3. Love your new tile. That was awfully fast to have to replace….it seems like you just put it in.
    Growing up, periwinkles were considered weeds, that we couldnt get rid of, despite pulling them out by the roots. Now that I want to grow them, they keep dying on me! Sigh.


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