Day 4…

I worked inside today, painting. The new bedroom window was smaller than the old one which meant that that room needed painting. And Chris and Lorna were ready for a new color. I can paint fast and accurately so I was on to paint. The room used to be a darker turquoise blue…

BrockettBefore-Bedroom-01 copy

I remembered to take photos after I had painted the ceilings and had begun the white primer coat on the walls…

BrockettBefore-Bedroom-02 copy

The ceiling is now pale sky blue, the walls will be white. One wall, with a very large bookshelf against it, is remaining turquoise.

BrockettAfter-Bedroom-01 copy

I couldn't paint up next to the window because Steve is still working on the sheetrock. It won't take much to go back and paint that area.

BrockettAfter-Bedroom-02 copy

You see that light fixture? I broke the globe that goes to it. I was being careful but not careful enough. It exploded when it hit the floor. What a mess. Chris and Lorna are going to find a new one at IKEA on Saturday.

Tomorrow I am painting the finish coat of white in this room and in the attached bath, so they match.

Steve and Chris got two of the three soffits up at the side of the house…

BrockettBefore-SidePorch-05 copy

BrockettBefore-SidePorch-06 copy

The roof will be repaired over the door so the guys want to wait to finish that soffit.

The guys then moved to the back of the house. Here's the before…

BrockettBefore-BackDeck-01 copy

Chris took down the thing over the deck and the gutters at the edge of the roof. He and Steve began taking the siding off of the east side of the garage…

BrockettBefore-BackDeck-04 copy

Tomorrow I am finishing the inside painting. Then it's back outside. It is very hard to believe that the 4th of July is next Wednesday. We'll be working on the house. If we keep at it we are on target to be finished two weeks from today, or earlier. Each day is hard, but we're getting there!


4 thoughts on “Day 4…

  1. I love how you all work together as a family on projects! Also love the bookcase in the long hallway/room. One can never have enough books.


  2. I have always thought it was important for parents to teach their children how to work. When my son was thru with boot camp for the Air Force, he called and said that he wanted to thank me and his father for teaching him how to do all the things we had. He recounted a story about one fellow from New Jersey that sat on his bed and cried because he didn’t know how to make the bed to Air Force standards. I’ve always thought he was lucky he didn’t enlist in the Marines! Anyway, I’m impressed with all that you and your DH do and all you help your children do. It’s a character builder, let alone a money saver to do all these things yourself. We remodeled our house from the basement up and the children (and that means the girls, too) helped with all of it. They now own their own homes and often tell us they remember helping on our house and that it’s good to know how to do all that ‘stuff’. I think we can do too much for children, not letting them become independent and regretting it later.


  3. Love the bookcase with all the famed pieces above it. What is in the frames? Photos or stitchery? We don’t buy books anymore, we go to the library or download them on our devices and I miss having bookcases…


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