For Addyson Grace…

No, that's not a typo. Both babies have Grace as their middle name. And their first names are 3-syllable names that start with "A". I have to stop and think before I say (or type) either name – but I don't see them often. I'll bet the members of the family that see them all the time have the names down pat. 

ButterfliesForAddyson copy

Alea, Addyson's mom, didn't have any color or design preferences. This quilt is just about the fabric. The center is a background that I had in my stash that didn't have a home. It found a home! I added borders and scattered butterflies from Applique With Attitude over the surface of the quilt – stitching them with #12 perle cotton and a running stitch.

ButterfliesForAddyson-02 copy

Addyson's name isn't appliqued on the quilt top so I quilted it in with my signature. I had fund with the quilting – combining lines and flowers. I especially like the look of the two motifs meeting in the border. I hadn't done that before, but I will do it again.

ButterfliesForAddyson-05 copy

I intentionally did not put a lot of applique on this quilt and I kept the pattern on the busy side. I want Addyson, like her cousin Annabelle, to use her quilt and love it to pieces!

6 thoughts on “For Addyson Grace…

  1. They are both gorgeous, but I think this one is my favourite. I always prefer more colour. Both of them show how a simple design can still make a great quilt. Lots of food for thought here!


  2. Becky, these are lovely quilts. Lucky girls, all four, to be so loved. Can you share the sizes? I do lots of applique and hand quilt but it takes forever. Your quilting inspires me to learn how to machine quilt. Maybe a Sweet Sixteen in the future.


  3. Both quilts are around 45 wide. Annabelles is a little narrower and longer than Addysons. Yes, you absolutely want to machine quilt a quilt like this. AND – baby quilts that are intended to be used are an excellent place to practice your machine quilting.


  4. Oh Becky, as always, I absolutely love these quilts you’ve made for these lucky little girls. You are a constant inspiration, thank you, thank you!! I recently finished a quilt from your new book for my new granddaughter, I think she loves it!!


  5. Both of the quilts you made are wonderful. Glad you want the babies to use them. THe last three I’ve made, the mom’s have hung on the walls of the baby’s room, and they weren’t even fancy, but did match the rooms.


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