Fabric to watch for…

I'm making progress on the color book. Oh happy day! I have begun marking off 3 hours a day with no email, no phone. I'm surprised at how much easier it is to focus. It's only been 2 days but I think this is a good strategy. I'm a little less crazy and that's a good sign. I'm getting back to the ABCs.

So, about that fabric… I've bought a lot of fabric lately for the quilts for the book. I thought it would be fun to share some of the more interesting ones with you. 


Have you ever noticed how a narrow black and white stripe or little, dense B/W dots can vibrate when you look at them? They make your eyes hurt. The bigger the piece of fabric, the worse it is. But this tiny dot doesn't do that. Why?

I had to look closely to see that not all the dots are black! If you look at the selvage, you can see that there is black plus two very dark grays. It's sort of obvious in a close-up photo but a lot harder to see with your eyes from any distance.


Those dots with 1 – 2 – 3 show the colors in this print. Brilliant! I wish I'd designed it but a friend, Patrick Lose, did which is just as nice. 

I bought a half-yard and I will be sorry when it's gone. I didn't buy more because don't stockpile fabric. I don't have room or an unlimited fabric budget. But mostly I don't have room. 

In other news, the ugly fabric just keeps on coming. I am nervous but optimistic that I can pull off this challenge. Todays ugly fabrics are ones I actually like which was a happy surprise.


1 thought on “Fabric to watch for…

  1. I bought that dot print in red with the grayed out dots. Love it and and already used in in a top. Got it at Quilt Country in Lewisville. Maybe I’ll go back and look for the white background.


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