Fabric has a mind of its own…

I’ve been buying fabric lately – more than I normally do –
to use in the quilts for the Color book. I’ve shopped at quilt shops and online
without much thought about how these fabrics will be used together. I’m really
enjoying the quirky relationships that are happening between these different

For example, I bought this cute little floral print:


I bought it knowing that it was more gray than clear. I use clearer colors often, but not exclusively. That said, when I bought it I
thought this would be more of a filler fabric. But darned if the little floral didn’t want to
buddy-up with a variety of other fabrics in the stacks on my table.

It thas a great texture that plays well with a variety of prints. I love it with this puff-ball fabric…


Because the puff-ball fabric is soft and gray, the little floral feels cleaner next to it.

I didn't particularly love the next print, but I bought because it was interesting. I like it a lot better when it is with the little floral print.


When I put the little floral with this blue and white print, it both look brighter.


You might be wondering where I will go from here. I'm not sure. I like each fabric pair, but I'm not sure that I have a quilt in mind in which I would use all of these together. It is more likely that I'll leave these pieces all together in a stack and watch them. In time I'll figure out which fabrics together make me smile more.

I only bought 1/2 yard of that little floral print… I wonder if that will be enough? I am resisting the urge to buy more. I know that if it turns out that I need more and can't get it, I will find something else and that choice will be more interesting in the long run. There. I decided – I'm not going to buy more!

4 thoughts on “Fabric has a mind of its own…

  1. Thank you for the post on fabric pairing – I learned to not be hasty in saying two won’t go together. I have problems with the new fabrics that are so busy – you just help me not be afraid to at least put them side by side and see if they will work together if they have the same colors. I learn so much on your blog as well as see beautiful eye candy.


  2. I love your blog and follow it regularly but today I notice you mention that you usually purchase clear colours and the example was more grey (English spelling) than clear. would you mind explaining that for me as I have heard that term a couple of times lately.
    with thanks Dianne


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