Don’t miss this color fun!

CSD3 (that's Color Scheme Designer 3) is an addictive site. I've added CSD3 to the Color link list at right. Here's a very short movie of me moving my cursor around and choosing different color options:


Play with this – it's wonderful! When you have time, check out the other 'It's all about color' links at right. Even when you are confident about color, these can be fun diversions.

In other news, I spent much of today* doing the painting that I promised I would do in the remodeled bathroom at Chris and Lorna's. Done! I also went to pilates early (after being gone for 4 weeks) and I walked with Laurie before the crack of dawn. I'm tired! If it wasn't already 6:20 PM, I'd take a nap. But the painting is done and tomorrow I have high hopes that I can turn my full attention to the new book… after a haircut, a manicure, and a tour of the new science building (IDEA Center at Austin College) that has taken up so much of Steve's time over the last many years. I still have not seen the whole thing, not even Steve's new office.

*I also played with the grandkids. There are 3 of them, 5 years apart. Different things with different ages. And I visited with Mom; and Chris and Lorna. These are the things that add spice to life but that also take time. It's hard, is it not, to balance work and play?


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