Cars and trucks…

Perhaps it is because my plain white car is so boring that I keep noticing interesting cars and trucks. In fact, I need to remember to keep my phone or camera handy so that I can snap a picture before they drive off. I sat and looked at this car, with the statues glued to it, for many seconds before I thought to take a picture. I got it just as it was driving away…


I couldn't quite see what was glued to the top – and sides! – of the car but I do wonder what sort of glue they used. And, while it would make my car easy to spot in a parking lot, I can't see myself ever doing this. I'd feel too bad if one came flying off as I was driving down the highway.

The little red lights on the tailgate of this old Chevy pickup caught my eye. I noticed them before I realized how old the truck was. As I sat behind it I could almost imagine myself in an earlier time. 


I took this next photo thinking of Donna, my nail tech. She is a car person who appreciates good wheels. 

Wheels-01 copy

The wheels dress up what is, to me, an unspectacular car. I could love those wheels on my own boring car! 


The more I looked at the wheel, the more it looked like a very nice quilt block. What sets it apart from similar designs are the circles in the center, especially the 5 little ones. The odd number seems different to me. If I had drawn it, I would have had an even number of circles. I'm going to remember this…

PS – Steve told me that the little circles are the lug nuts. I never would have guessed.

2 thoughts on “Cars and trucks…

  1. I was driving down the road a few days ago — and I passed a white car. It had pink polka dots on the side — looked like they were hanging on by magnets, or at least that’s the quick impression I had. The circles were three to four inches around. Really cute. I wished I could have flagged her over and asked where she got the dots. Silver’s a boring car, too – and I would love to add some spark to it!


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