Never out of style…

That would be blue and white. I grew up with my Mom's blue onion dishes (which she still uses). I fell in love with Royal Copenhagen as a young woman (never could afford them). I have flirted with blue and white in my home and, even now, see it every day in our breakfast room…

BreakfastRoom-After copy

I have to say that I have been taking blue and white for granted. But maybe it is coming back! Martha seems to think so…


It's interesting how her lower half sort of blends into the wallpaper. That's not usually what a person wants to do but it works in this ad.

After making note of blue and white Martha, I got this from Linda in the mail last week…


She found the page in her notebook and shared it because it is so very much like both Spinning Wheels (hand sewn, english paper pieces) and Spring Wheels (machine, foundation paper pieced) – both Piece O' Cake patterns. Our patterns have a hexagon at the centers of the wheels which 1) makes them easier to piece and 2) adds a bit more accent. This one feels fresh and clean and nautical.

I just love this design and would make another one with blues and whites if I only had the time!

3 thoughts on “Never out of style…

  1. Me, too! I have a Royal Copenhagen tea set that was given to my grandmother by her grandmother 60 years ago. Of course, who actually uses demitasse cups and saucers? I have always wanted the rest of the set, but alas, I can’t afford them either. I can afford blue & white quilts and have several. 🙂


  2. I started a spinning wheels quilt in a class with Mary Mashuta, I think, and found the centers difficult to appliqué on the pieced middles. Are the centers of your EPP wheels pieced or appliqued? I have a *few* pieced of Royal C and adore the hand made quality of it, as well as a lot of b&w pots from when we lived in Asia. There’s nothing like b&w…..except maybe red and white! ;-D


  3. The centers in both of our patterns are pieced in. In the one done on the machine, with foundation papers, the wheel centers are segmented. In the english paper pieced Spinning Wheels, the center is a hex.
    Hope that helps,


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