All creatures, great and small…

Lorna came in this morning and told me to get my camera. There was a picture-worthy spider to go see! Actually there were two spiders but only one was in good light. This one is camoflaged by greenery but its web is at least 36" wide…

Spider-August2013-3 copy

We get these big spiders most summers. I've been so busy this year that I haven't spotted them but I'm happy to know that they are out in the yard. That said, I would not want to walk into this web. I did that once and about had a heart attack. Probably scared the spider to death.

Spider-August2013-1 copy

He (or she) had caught a bug and was busily wrapping it up. Very efficiently.


I went out this afternoon and the light was better. Click the photo and you'll see a bigger image. The spider is both scarier and more impressive that way :-). It's around 2 1/2" long.


There are also big bees buzzing around the blue salvias. The bees don't bother anyone. I wouldn't grab one, but I am not scared by them. I suppose that's because we've had them in the yard for so many years. Wasps and hornets, however, are to be avoided at all costs.


It may look like we live in the country, but we don't. We live in a smallish house (1780 sq ft) in a neighborhood of similarly sized houses on average sized lots. Our lot is different in that we no longer have grass. We have rocks and trees and shrubs and flowering plants of all kinds. I've ignored the front and side yards for weeks and I realize that I should get out and cut the dead flowers back. That said, it still looks good. If the sun was in the right place, I'd go take a picture. That will have to wait.

I'm going to try to force myself to work on real work now. I've managed to fritter away most of the day. Tomorrow, as Scarlet says, is another day – and I'm going to have to use every minute of it.



7 thoughts on “All creatures, great and small…

  1. Once I talked to the newspaper I went back to bed and got nothing further accomplished. Seem to be brain blank which is going to make for a very busy tomorrow, just hope body and brain kick in. Those spiders in the yard spinning webs tell me where I live that fall is on its way!! Not that real fall gets to NCT before November. Well Scarlet here is to tomorrow!


  2. These large spiders that are everywhere at this time of year are fascinating. One of the common names for them is writing spider, because the white lines in their web look like writing. I guess Charlotte was a spider like this…


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