Who says chewing gum is a bad idea?

I always thought that sitting quietly composed would leave a better impression than if I were seen sitting chewing gum. Apparently, not so much…

I am currently wearing a dental device that prevents me from chewing gum, not that I chew gum that often. But now I’m more sorry that I can’t chew gum when I’m sitting in an airport, among strangers.

3 thoughts on “Who says chewing gum is a bad idea?

  1. That’s hysterical!! I have an identical twin sister (we are in our mid-60’s), and folks still have a hard time telling us apart. Sending this to our 10 siblings!!! :o) Oh, and of course I chew gum ALL THE TIME! 😉


  2. I don’t know about this. I still find people who chew gum to seem a bit, um, low-class. It just seems so cow-like. I hate when the celebrities do it on the red carpet – all dressed up and chawing away. You know what they say about research results – lies, damned lies and statistics. I think they asked the wrong questions. Who would you trust with your life? Who would help you in a crisis? Which would steal your parking space? 🙂 Apologies to the gum-chewing twin, Joanne. LOL…


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