Pizza on Friday!

I grew up eating pizza on Friday nights—probably because I’m Catholic and it was a hold-over from Lent when pizza was a thing you could eat that was substantial without meat. Except that I’m pretty sure our family always had pepperoni on pizza, even during Lent. But never mind that :-). In my mind, pizza is a Friday night event.

I traveled all day today, with a 3+ hour delay in Washington, DC. During the delay, a small-plane-load of people shared a bus to and from the plane 3 times. We were in the bus, packed together, for at least 30 minutes per trip.

After this much togetherness, many of us got to visiting. Ben, if you happen to check my blog, it was nice to meet you and I wish you well in all you do. To the man who got way cranky at being delayed: I hope you figure out how to take these minor inconveniences in stride.

Side note: Isn’t it funny that when someone gets over-the-top angry, those around them chill more? Maybe the very angry man served a purpose. I know he made me chill completely out about the delays.

I finally got to White Plains and am in my nice hotel. I will visit the Northern Star Quilters tomorrow. Due to these travel circumstances beyond everyone’s control, I ordered a pizza for dinner. It came with it’s own cutter!


And then I turned it over…


How about that! Broadway North Pizzaria really is serious about being gluten free.

I know that many scoff at GF diets but I know that if I eat gluten, I’m going to have intestinal problems. Lorna has celiac and gluten just tears her up. So I’m happy to see a pizza place being so careful.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. If you aren’t on the mailing list, I should add that there is a new downloadable pattern on the site. And there’s a fabric sale! Click here and you can read the newsletter and find the info on the sale.

2 thoughts on “Pizza on Friday!

  1. I totally understand the over he top cranky guy. 1 boss I had used to be that way on every trip. Made every business trip around him miserable But, I did learn to chill out in the worst situations. I worked hard to get out of his department. — Have fun this weekend.


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