Piece O’ NYC: Introductions

I am happy to introduce you to my DIL, Celia, who will be guest posting here this summer. She is a wonderful person, she leads an interesting life, and I know you are going to enjoy hearing from her! So, without further ado, here’s Celia…



Yep, that’s me! As Becky mentioned, I’ll be chiming from time to time over the summer. And why not talk about one of the greatest cities in the world — New York! Summer in the city is amazing (though, I have to admit, Spring and Fall are amazing too). When the sun comes out for New Yorkers (especially after a loooooooOoOOong brutal Winter), everything seems to change. Throughout the next couple of months (at least until the drudgery of school begin anew for me), I’ll be sharing a few insights into my home and life. I apologize up front — none of this will be quilting related. Becky frantically sews, designs, and writes about quilting things. Lorna budgets, helps calm Becky down, and raises three beautiful kids (who I miss). And I’m a higher education administrator and advocate working on her MA at NYU.

NYC apt view

Home sweet home!

But, maybe on the plus side, I will offer plenty of tips, suggestions, and resources along the way about how to navigate and enjoy NYC. As a person who is not a born-and-bred New Yorker (die hard Texas girl here!), I’ve had to familiarize with and learn about this city over the course of the past few years. And honestly, I think I’m finally at the point in our ‘relationship’ where I love it. So check back in to PoC for a little Po’NYC! And feel free to follow me on instagram!

Sailing NYC

Nothing beats summer sails along the Hudson! (And shHHhh, it’s one of the best ways to see the Statue of Liberty!)

Met. Museum Rooftop

One of my favorite rooftops in the city is at the Met. Museum.

Top of the Rock - Summer

Get to Top of the Rock early and you’re less likely to battle for a good shot!

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