Kahekili Beach, Maui…

We sat on the beach today. We read—I’m reading The Martian and it is a terrific beach read! We swam and/or snorkeled. We sat and looked at the waves and the people. It was a really nice day!


I’m working on this week’s Photo Challenge which is to take a photo that tells a story. Here are some of the one’s I have accumulated… What do you see?


beckygoldsmith-Story-173 beckygoldsmith-Story-132

6 thoughts on “Kahekili Beach, Maui…

  1. Great photo pics for your project. I like the one where the dad is busy with phone and coffee while the kids are watching the water and whatever intrigue lies out there. I could make up a story about each photo though.


  2. My favorite is the young lady with her legs in the air. Very interesting way to keep sand off. Almost a yoga or ballet move.
    Then, there’s the Dad getting a speck out of his son’s eye. How caring.


  3. When I think about your challenge the photo that “fits the bill” is the man comforting his son. I imagine he is trying to wipe away the salt that gets in your eyes at the beach. Great photos!


  4. I love the multi-tasking woman reading while getting her ab work in at the shore! I think the Dad is putting sunscreen on his son to protect him and the lady smiling is someone I would love to have a conversation with. She looks happy and relaxed.


  5. I like the photo of the little boy with the elastic bandage around his knee. Shoes in one hand – he’d love to play in those waves, but perhaps his injury prevents it? Great photos Becky. Each one tells its own story.


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