Shaking hands with a shovel…

Bruce Taylor’s guys put in our drip irrigation system last week. These brown drip hoses are perfect, but don’t look that great laying on top of the ground. 


The last time we spread mulch was 2 years ago and it has decomposed. It was time to mulch again. 
We’re lucky that there are big mulch piles that we can use but it is real work to get the mulch from those piles to our yard. It requires shoveling mulch into bins and buckets, driving it home, and hefting it into place.  

Steve and I both shoveled. He did the heaviest bin-lifting into the pickup. But I did my fair share of lifting and I was thankful for all those Pilates classes :-). 

We started at 7:30am and quit at 3:15pm with a 30 minute lunch break. We are fried but the yard looks great!

The mulch pile is much diminished…


We celebrated with home-made hot fudge sundaes!

4 thoughts on “Shaking hands with a shovel…

  1. Would love to know why you went with this type of drip…… as I have been thinking that professional install of hoses are the answer to the half baked watering that happens around here – minus the hand to shovel part – would try and farm that out as well. Hope you had a cool day to work and take ALL of Sunday off. I look forward to seeing your garden in the future.


  2. Looks great! Our door work gives me more energy for indoor work–all that fresh air I guess. “Eat More Dirt” is my favorite organic gardening book. One of her tips is to sit down and work whenever possible, for ex., when weeding. Since I started doing that, my back is holding up well so that I feel like sewing!


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