I’m back!

I am happy to report that I was able to stand on my now bunion-less right foot. I am stunned. I can walk and it doesn’t hurt! I thought the doctor was crazy when he said this would be the case but I’m happy that he was right. [I had the same surgery, done by a different surgeon, on my other foot years ago and it hurt a lot more, a lot longer.] I am being very careful not to overdo it.

The day I found out that I could walk, I also found out that I had a screamingly bad case of thrush. I’ve never had thrush. My family practitioner said it could have been the stress of surgery. I’ve taken the anti-fungal drugs and given up sugar. Now I’m taking caprylic acid, probiotics, and drinking water laced with vinegar. I really miss sugar. Even though I’ve dropped 4 pounds, I think I like sugar more than the weight loss.

But wait, there’s more! I also got a sinus infection in the middle of all this, along with the 2 1/2-day headache that goes with it. Today I woke up finally feeling like myself and am happy happy happy!

That leads me to this video. A friend (thank you Mark H.) told me about the elf yourself app for your smart phone. Try it. You’ll love it! That’s me and Steve and Celia and Jeff dancing with the kittens :-). Ho ho ho!

10 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Gosh, you’ve been through a lot in a short while. So glad you are recuperating nicely. I agree, I’d rather carry a few extra pounds than omit sugar, too! But that, too, shall pass. What a great time to get the app for elf yourself!


  2. Well, at least the foot is healing well & quickly!
    My only knowledge of thrush is from my days as a La Leche League leader when occasionally a baby would have thrush & give it to the mom. Both had to be treated to get rid of it. Made for some sore nipples for the moms & sore mouths for the poor babies!
    I’ve been using Neti Juice which has colloidal silver in the solution for my sinus infections (& for prevention of sinus infections when I get a cold) for the last few years–it has really helped me!
    Glad to hear you’re on the mend. I had no idea you & your family were such talented dancers!


  3. Love that video… I did a similar one a couple of years ago on Jib Jab with my mom’s face and mine. Had everyone in stitches. And speaking of stitches, glad to hear your foot is on the mend. Mom has bunions and they look painful but, being 89, she’s not getting surgery for them. Isn’t it amazing how surgery can go so well in one case and differently in another? It’s so hard to choose health professionals for our care. I had both knees replaced about 8 years ago. My surgeon was not the friendliest guy and his hands were the coldest I’ve ever felt, but he was a great surgeon. He used to ask at follow-up visits how I was doing and I was kind of lukewarm – it was big surgery (both at once) and, of course, there were twinges and whatever, long recovery. I had avoided the Internet to learn about the surgery, but one day I took a peek. And found people with severe problems after that kind of surgery and ongoing pain. So at my next visit, I apologized to him. My twinges were nothing and, in fact, over time have gone away. I think I was reacting somewhat to his lack of bedside manner, lack of warmth (figuratively and those cold hands!), but I’d rather have a technically proficient surgeon with cold hands and a so-so bedside manner and have great results than otherwise. Anyhow, long story for no good reason other than your surgery brought it to mind. Hope all continues to go well for you and you’re REALLY dancing by Christmas Day!


  4. when you get sick you do it up really well. Glad you are mending and will most likely be able to enjoy Christmas (and maybe a little sugar by then? It’s hard to make goodies without sugar !!


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