Wednesday Giveaway


Carole Cameron is the winner of this pair of Karen Kay Buckley’s Small Perfect Scissors. They are a serrated scissor and are wonderful for small jobs. The grip is comfortable in hands of all sizes.

There appear to be a whole lot of you who really want a pair of these scissors! They are not terribly expensive and are a good value for the cost. Maybe you should treat yourself to a pair :-). Click here to find them on my site.

281 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. My chance of winning the mega millions lottery on Saturday is 1 in 282,000,000 so I figure I’ve got better odds here. Thanks, Becky, what a great giveaway!


  2. Those sound like they would be perfect for needle turn applique. And those handles , love the color. Keeping my fingers crossed. I really enjoy your blog.


  3. The scissors really are so good. They are perfect for the tiniest jobs, grabbing the fabric with its serration, holding on, and cutting beautifully. Also, they are easy to use, lightweight, and very gentle on hands, especially detailed or repetitive work.This is an excellent giveaway! Thanks!


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