Wednesday Giveaway

Three lucky quilters have won a copy of MAKE Wall Quilts. Congrats to Teri, Joyce, and Nancy!

Inside the book, you’ll find instructions to make 11 different projects, one of which is a quilt of mine — Outside In from Appliqué With Attitude shown at the bottom of this post.



140 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Oh, Becky! This is my family!, I love birds. I have a cat and a dog, and my dog loves to eat pears that fall off our pear tree. This wall hanging gives me a good chuckle! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!


  2. Question: The middle of this quilt is a large scale grey on white fabric, right? Not appliqued… so it’s not applique on applique, right? It’s really a very interesting choice of fabric… sort of “mirroring” the applique, in a way…


  3. I really like your little quilt. I love animals and the colors you use in all your projects are wonderful. I have an awful time choosing the right fabrics to use. Thanks for allowing someone to win the book.


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