Newcastle sites…

Catherine lives across the street from the Newcastle Museum — how cool is that! There is a famous/photogenic camel outside and I had to take a photo. (Honestly, the camel is best when seen from afar. He’s kind of scary up close.)


The children’s area was way more fun than I expected. There were several good interactive exhibits involving magnets, and one where you could lift a real (small) car with a lever and ropes. Physics in action.


The coal industry is huge in Newcastle and it was a big steel producer. The steel industry shut down but there is a big part of the museum dedicated to it. This is 1 ton of coal. It makes you wonder who looked at that rock and had the idea to burn it. That would not be my first thought.


We hiked up the 136 stairs to the Newcastle Memorial Walk. It was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli in 1915 and the commencement of steel making in Newcastle.

Anzac Stairs

The names of soldiers are inscribed on the metal figures.

Anzac Figures

The views are amazing. Catherine says they are more amazing when it’s sunny but I appreciated them nonetheless.

View from Anzac

Coal Ship

Beach from Anzac Walk

A small memorial just outside the fence was peaceful, even with the chain link.

memorial buddha

The rain moved in and we went shopping. I really, really hope everything fits in my suitcase :-).

9 thoughts on “Newcastle sites…

  1. I went to the Gallipoli site when I was in Turkey. Quite moving to see all the gravestones from both sides of the battle.


  2. Thanks Becky. I am so enjoying visiting with you and your friend. I would love to visit Australia but going with you is probably as close as I’ll get. Wish I had a friend like yours so I could visit there and then have them visit here so I could share Redding CA with them. Best to you both. Thanks for sharing. Christine

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  3. When my cousin is visiting a country and goes shopping she ends up wearing 4 shrits home and two tied around her waiste.


  4. Becky what a journey, loving every minute and sure you are also, I have had a pen pal in Australia, since 1990, she is over towards Margaret River, wish I had gone over when I was younger, afraid trip from East Coast too much now., the nice thing is social media, although, I miss snail mail, being on line keeps us both up to date with each other a little faster💕


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