Wednesday Giveaway

Susan Spiers is this week’s lucky winner! She will receive two different needle threaders that are compact, portable, and that really work! (Of course you do have to see well enough to put the wire through the eye of the needle :-).)

If you are not Susan and you’d like one or more needle threaders, you can find them and all sorts of sewing notions, books, and other fun stuff at!

Shipping is free on orders over $75 every day.

101 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Thank you for another great giveaway opportunity! I nearly need a needle threader every time I need a needle threaded these days. (Say that five times fast! LOL) Thanks again.


  2. Thanks for the opportunity to win the needle threaders. Somehow I seem to need them more and more these days. Could it be advancing age?


  3. I’ve recently bought several brands of needle threaders trying to find one that I like. I haven’t tried these yet so, it would be great to win them. Thanks for the giveaway.


  4. I really can use these right now, I’m working on the around garden quilt, which is all embroidered and I’m constantly changing colors. These would be soooo helpful.


  5. Now that I’m getting older, I have a lot of trouble with close-up work, like threading needles, so I could really use a needle threader!


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