Show and tell… Box of Rain

Deborah Ward sent me this photo of the quilt she made after taking part in my No-Sew Color class. I love her quilt and the story behind it, below the photo.

I am a beginning sewer. This January, I took your color seminar at The Road to California show. I am happy to let you know that I finished an abbreviated version of your Box of Rain quilt. I made the quilt as a project for my modern quilting class at Santiago Canyon College

At your seminar, I remember how you talked about a person’s eye going to the color that is the most different from the rest. With my Box of Rain, my classmates felt like the yellow blocks in this quilt drew their attention. 

Earlier this month, the college held an exhibition for projects completed by older adults. I submitted Box of Rain for the show. (picture attached)

Thanks for giving your color seminar and for authoring your  book. I enjoyed both!

Deborah Ward, Orange CA

Deborah, I believe you may have moved past beginner-hood :-). Your quilt is exactly as it should be and I’m happy to know that you finished it—and that you entered it to share with others. Well done, you!

For anyone interested in the pattern, it is in my book The Quilter’s Practical Guide to Color.

4 thoughts on “Show and tell… Box of Rain

  1. Congratulations on completing your quilt. Done is always better. Hope you are inspried to continue to use your quilting talents in the future. Becky is a great teacher.


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