Show and tell…

Diane Preifley sent this photo of her quilt based on Welcome to the North Pole. I love the way she used the designs to make her very own special North Pole quilt!
DianePfeifley-SantasVillageHere’s what she says about her quilt:

I saw your “Welcome to the North Pole” design book many years ago on “Simply Quilts.” When I saw the design of the buildings all I thought was Whoville. My niece loves Dr. Seuss so after many years of thinking about this project I finally was able to put it together. I just wanted to share with you what you inspired. This project I hand appliquéd and hand quilted.

 A couple things you might get a kick out of:  the snowflakes came on a Christmas card. I peeled them off and put them in my embellishment stash. They were perfect for Whoville. I used the design in the blue background to echo quilt. In some places it looks like a ski run. Not intentional. I used buttons for door knobs and shell belt buckles for the windows in the doors.

You might wonder why there are several wildcats tucked here and there. My niece’s husband is a graduate of Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. So the wildcats are for him as is the Whocat Alumni Center with KSU on the building. Your designs were so unique and fun. I really enjoyed making this, even though it took me years of thinking about it before it finally “gelled”. Truly enjoyed using your designs. Now I’m thinking I need to use these patterns to make me a Santa version. Thanks so much for your unique designs