Piece O’ NYC: An afternoon in Brooklyn and Resources!

Jeff and I spent a little time in Brooklyn last Saturday. I had an event with iMentor (which I highly recommend you join or share with your friends to join) and met with Jeff afterwards to kill a little of the afternoon at the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

an afternoon in Brooklyn 1

Click on all the pictures for greater detail (and quality!).

an afternoon in Brooklyn 2

an afternoon in Brooklyn 3

This is the face of a man who did not want his picture taken :P.

an afternoon in Brooklyn 4

an afternoon in Brooklyn

If you’re traveling with kids, take them to Jane’s Carousel.

Jeff and I rarely visit Brooklyn. I generally only venture out that far for meetings and this really ended up being the second time for me to explore this borough. The last time we were there though, we visited Smorgasburg...which if you’re a foodie you must go to too! Definitely the easier way to get to the park is to take the A/C to High Street. Once you get out of the station, walk towards the bridge – it’s really that simple. While we were walking around, Jeff and I were honestly stunned. Brooklyn is like a different planet! The sidewalks are wide, the restaurants are much bigger than those here in Manhattan, and even the people are friendlier. We walked around feeling weird and oddly foreign. The weather was amazing though. It was windy enough sail boats got great wind and the kids with their families were roaming around. There was also a neat water art exhibit on display at the park, Jeff had a really great time with it ;p. If you’re in town and you want to catch a site of the bridge and East River, go to the Brooklyn Bridge Park!

an afternoon in Brooklyn 5

an afternoon in Brooklyn 6

The park is also a great location to catch a glimpse of this lady!

an afternoon in Brooklyn 7

This is the face of ‘mischief.’

Also, I mentioned resources in this post’s title. Many people reach out to me to ask how to do this or that in the city. And below are some resources I usually share. I hope they help you too and encourage you to visit the city soon!!!

  • A Google map that Jeff and I constantly add things to. We’ve been to a lot of the restaurants pinned on it and it has helpful information about airports.
  • I’ve found this NYC Guide to be both cute and informative about different neighborhoods.
  • Each neighborhood seems to have their own blogs or sites with relevant news and information. I follow the West Side Rag since I live in the UWS. It has good information about the Thanksgiving Parade too.
  • Bicycle rental! Rent one and ride along one of the many bike paths in Central Park!
  • Also, I really encourage the use of Uber or Lyft when you’re in a transportation bind. It’s more costly, but at least it’s often a quick fix.
  • If you know you’re going to take subways or buses while you’re visiting, be sure to look at the maps and schedules on the MTA website. The fares for a metrocard is also listed on it so you know how much to charge your card. The weekend schedules are different than the weekday and holidays usually operate on a Sunday schedule.

1 thought on “Piece O’ NYC: An afternoon in Brooklyn and Resources!

  1. Lovely pictures! It’s so great to see NYC through your eyes. I was in NYC years ago and wanted to visit a quilt shop in Brooklyn. I felt like I went to a whole different state! First, it was a very long and somewhat expensive cab ride, as I remember, but my impressions were like yours – this is SO different from the city downtown area. It was fun but as the cab was going and going and going, I was thinking, wow, WHERE am I going? LOL…


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